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What kind of continuous quenching and tempering furnace can be used for rebar heat treatment?

What kind of continuous quenching and tempering furnace can be used for rebar heat treatment?

As a popular equipment in induction heat treatment furnace industry, the characteristics and performance of rebar continuous quenching and tempering furnace bring a lot of vitality to the whole industry.

Performance characteristics of rebar continuous quenching and tempering furnace

The main reason that rebar continuous quenching and tempering furnace is favored by customers is that the performance and characteristics of the equipment can meet the needs of many users. The equipment has superior performance and many characteristics, which makes it have incomparable advantages for heat treatment of various types of rebar resources. As per the characteristics of our system during operation, we will describe more unique advantagesreflected in the following three aspects:

1. The continuous quenching and tempering furnace is very stable.

Operation state plays an important role in improving the production efficiency of equipment, because only stable operation state can play a productive role and operation state is a powerful guarantee to improve the output of equipment. The running state of the equipment is generally closely related to the design of the motor and the overall structure of the equipment, so it is necessary to start from these two aspects to improve the running state of the equipment.

In the motor aspect, the selection of the motor is very strict. Besides ensuring the performance advantages of the motor, the parameters of the part should be adjusted scientifically, including power and speed, etc. Each parameter should be in accordance with the configuration of the rebar continuous quenching and tempering furnace to achieve the desired results.

Structural design: Strictly speaking, structural design is also a core factor affecting the stability of equipment operation. Only reasonable structural design can effectively avoid the occurrence of other abnormal phenomena in the operation process of steel continuous quenching and tempering furnace. Generally speaking, the more compact the structural design is, the operation state of equipment can be avoided. The overall effect is better.

2. The control system of bar induction heating furnace is very perfect.

PLC control system, as the software part of steel bar bar induction heating furnace, is of great significance. It can not only effectively implement all kinds of control on equipment hardware, but also play an important role in simplifying operation process and reducing operation difficulty. The improvement of control system also improves the enterprisee economic performance.

PLC control system mainly includes two aspects: one is the control of speed; the other is the control of discharging granularity adjustment. Speed control is directly related to the increase of output. So the essential of increasing the output is the control system is playing an important role, but speed control has a certain range, Only in this area, it can be adjusted within a range. If it exceeds the limit value, it will cause some adverse effects on the equipment.

In terms of power regulation: in order to meet the power requirements of many customers, the power regulation range has been further expanded, which has a positive role in improving the use of equipment. From these functions , we can easily find that the improvement of PLC control system is also a manifestation of scientific and technological progress.


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