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What is the processing effect of induction heating equipment?

At present,induction heating furnace is widely used in heat treatment industry in order to be better used in various industries. So, what is the processing effect of Electric induction heating furnace ? And is it objective to bring economic benefits to enterprises? This is the customer is more concerned about the issue, next, we will carry on the concrete analysis.

In order to improve the use of metallic steel, induction heating equipment is usually used for heat treatment to improve its performance and quality. It is used in mining machinery, petroleum machinery, wind power machinery, railway transportation, automobile manufacturing and so on.

What is the processing effect of induction heating equipment? Yuantuo electromechanical metal heat treatment furnace equipment, actively introduced foreign Germany, Britain advanced induction heating technology concept, and combined with the actual domestic production situation and production technology developed, thermal efficiency as high as 95%, with high production efficiency, fast heating speed, short heating time, steel plate surface will not produce oxidation scale, burning, decarbonization and other phenomena, to achieve high quality processing. And electric heating will not produce waste gas, smoke, dust and other pollution, to achieve environmental protection operations.

What is the economic benefit of induction heating equipment? Do you want to know clearly what the economic benefits of intermediate frequency heating equipment are? It is very necessary to understand its advantages and characteristics. First of all, the induction heating equipment mentioned above has the characteristics of low energy consumption, high heating efficiency, short heating time, uniform heating temperature, good sealing performance and so on. It can fully realize green production and efficient production, and the structure design of the steel plate heating equipment itself is reasonable and compact, and the occupation area is relatively small. It can be said to be a “conscience” equipment with low investment and high income. So you don’t have to worry about its benefits at all.


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