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What is the principle of heat treatment?

We know that in order to obtain high performance and high quality metal workpieces need Heat treatment furnace, change the surface structure of metal steel, improve its strength, hardness, bending strength, service life and so on.

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Metal heat treatment is a process of heating the metal workpiece in a certain medium to a suitable temperature and holding it for a certain period of time, then cooling at different speeds. Metal heat treatment is to give or improve the performance of the workpiece by changing the microstructure of the workpiece or the chemical composition of the surface of the workpiece. Its characteristic is to improve the internal quality of the workpiece, which is generally not visible to the naked eye.

Quenching and tempering are closely related and are often used in conjunction with each other. In order to obtain a certain strength and toughness, the combination of quenching and high temperature tempering is called quenching and tempering. After some alloys are quenched to form supersaturated solid solutions, they are kept at room temperature or at a slightly higher suitable temperature for a longer period of time in order to improve the hardness, strength or electrical magnetism of the alloys.

Heat treatment is to heat the material to a certain temperature, holding for a certain time, at a certain rate, temperature to room temperature or lower, so as to improve the microstructure of the material, in order to obtain excellent properties of the material. Generally refers to the treatment of metal materials, especially “steel”.


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