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What is the heat treatment method for torsion bar heat treatment furnace?

What is the heat treatment method for torsion bar heat treatment furnace?

Torsion/sway bar heat treatment furnace is a metal heat treatment machine in which rod parts are slowly heated to a certain temperature for a certain period of time and cooled at an appropriate rate (usually by water or other medium). The aim is to soften the material or workpiece that has been heated, cast, welded or machined, improve the plasticity and toughness of the workpiece, homogenize the internal chemical composition, remove residual stress or obtain the desired physical properties.

In the manufacturing industry such as machine tools and automobiles, the demand for bar heat treatment furnace is very large and the workpiece of torsion bar occupies a very important position.

Material selection for a class of structural parts with comprehensive mechanical properties is required. Hardenability and fatigue resistance of the materials should be considered according to their stress state and load type. Practice has proved that many kinds of damage rings of shaft parts and pestle bolts are caused by fatigue cracks.

Heat treatment method for torsion bar workpiece

1. In order to obtain suitable hardness for machining and improve internal chemical structure, intermediate frequency induction heat treatment equipment should be selected to quench and temper the torsion bar and other workpieces.

2. The purpose of torsion bar heat treatment furnace is to obtain high comprehensive mechanical properties and fatigue strength of torsion bar. The internal tissue is Soxhlet. In order to better play the effect of quenching and tempering, quenching and tempering is arranged after quenching.

3. The hardness of torsion bar is quenched and tempered by heat treatment to ensure assembly accuracy and wear.

The quenching temperature of torsion bar heat treatment furnace is generally taken at the upper limit in actual operation. The higher heating temperature in the induction hardening and tempering equipment can make the metal workpiece heating faster, reduce the surface oxide layer and improve the work efficiency of the Induction hardening and tempering equipment. In order to homogenization the austenite of the workpiece, enough heat preservation time is needed for the torsion bar heat treatment furnace. If the actual furnace load is large, it is necessary to extend the holding time appropriately. Otherwise, the hardness of workpiece will not be enough due to uneven heating. If the holding time is too long, there will be serious defects such as coarse grains and oxidation and decarbonization, which will affect the quenching quality.

Because the purpose of torsion bar heat treatment is to obtain comprehensive mechanical properties of the metal workpiece, so the hardness range is wide. If the drawing has hardness requirements, the tempering temperature must be adjusted according to the requirements of the drawings so as to ensure the hardness. If some bar parts require high strength, the hardness requirement is high.


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