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What is the cost for induction billet heater for rolling ?

What is the cost for induction billet heater for rolling ?

When Forever received the inquiry for induction billet heater, the question that the user will ask frequently is that what is the cost of induction billet heater for rolling? 

For this question, we can give you answer only we know the billet section size, length and productivity capacity, then we can know it. The user is very clear for the billet section size and length. But when we ask the productivity capacity, the user can no confirm it as most of the customer haven’t use induction billet heater before. And they will think the will be better if the capacity is more bigger. But they don’t know if the capacity is more, then the power consumption will be more. High power means high cost. So the best one is to choose suitable power supply according to user’s plant actual situation. 

Forever billet induction heating furnace can be used for billet induction heating before forging auto parts, engineering mechanical parts etc. Welcome to contact us, we will provide the optimism solution for induction billet heater.


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