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What is the content of daily and regular maintenance of medium frequency induction heating equipment?

Hebei Yuantuo Mechanical and Electrical equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has a strong technical research and development capability, rich experience in intermediate frequency induction design, and a more complete after-sales service system in all regions of the country, which has won the trust of many famous domestic enterprises. Has deep cooperation with many well-known companies in the domestic induction heating and heat treatment industry, and has rich experience in providing quality products and services. What is the content of daily and regular maintenance of medium frequency induction heating equipment?

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1. Daily maintenance of medium frequency induction heating equipment (daily)

(1) thoroughly remove oxide slag accumulated in the induction furnace body, carefully check the heat insulation lining for cracks and damage. Find out the problem and fix it in time.

(2) check the waterway to ensure that the waterway is unobstructed, the return water is sufficient, there is no leakage phenomenon, and the inlet water temperature is no more than 35 degrees Celsius. Find out the problem and deal with it in a timely manner.

(3) to observe the abnormal appearance of varistor, protective resistance and capacitance in the middle frequency power supply cabinet, whether the fastening bolt is loose, whether the solder joint is off-soldered, the virtual welding, the leakage of the electrolyte of medium-frequency capacitor. Notify the maintenance staff of the problem as soon as possible.

2, regularly check maintenance content (weekly)

(1) check control line terminals, intermediate frequency capacitors, bronze plates and reactor bolts. Find loose and fasten in time.

(2) cleaning out the oxide scale in the outer part of the furnace rack. Eliminate dust accumulation in the power cabinet, especially on the outside of the controllable silicon core.

(3) timely replacement of aged and cracked water pipes and rubber sheeting. For this reason, the following specific requirements are put forward for the inverter thyristor to be replaced: on-state step-down > 3 V, tolerance 0.1 × 0.2 V; gate resistance 10? 15 Ω, triggering current 70?

Hebei Yuantuo Electrical and Mechanical equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Intermediate frequency induction heating equipment service measures:

1, the company has a full-time after-sales service team, full-time personnel responsible for providing users with high-quality services, after-sales service has been institutionalized. Programmed, standardized.

(2) to register the letters served by the user and to set up a special person to register on the same day,

3 to respond to the user’s request and must deal with the problem of induction heating equipment on the spot, to reach the site within 24 hours, to ensure the quality of service on the site

4, Visit the relevant users on a regular basis every year, deal with problems in a timely manner, understand users’ views on usage and demand information,

5. For the newly put into use of intermediate frequency heat treatment equipment and intermediate frequency induction heating equipment, call back once a half month. Timely mastery of product quality information


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