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What is steel billet reheating?

What is steel billet reheating?


Steel billet reheating is steel billet online heat treating process. When steel billet is pulled out from continuous casting machine, the surface temperature is 750 to 850 degree C.internal temperature  can even up to be 950 to 1000 degree C. One of the basic principle of induction heating set skin effect which is heating from surface to the internal. As a matter of fact, one-third of steel billet inside doesn’t need to heat up. According to the different billet section size, the user can get optimum heating efficiency by choosing different frequency.

As steel billet reheating furnace is non-product, the user need tell us the dimension of steel billet,heating temperature and production capacity for your steel billet. Then Forever Furnace can give you the best offer and energy saving solutions!


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Post time: 03-18-2016