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What is induction heat treatment?The induction heat treatment application

What is induction heat treatment?The induction heat treatment application

Induction heat treatment could be a methodology of surface hardening wherever heating is achieved with nonedirect physical contact.
As there’s restricted or no physical contact, there are good features in production. as an example,there’s less risk of contamination, an easier heating arrangement and fewer insulation can be needed.
Induction heat treatment can:

  • Increase wear resistance
  • Increase surface strength for load carrying (crush resistance)
  • Induce xome residual and compressive stresses
  • Improve fatigue life
  • Improve impact resistance

Induction heat treatment is applied in nearly each field wherever metals are used, including:

  • Alloying
  • Metal forming
  • Tempering
  • Hot upsetting
  • Shrink fitting 

The induction heat treatment technique is capable of heating materials at rates of temperature rise not usuallyrelated to alternative strategies, like electric resistance or gas heating, with a high degree of potency. Induction heat treatment is most typically applied in:


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