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What influence is metal heat treatment easy to be affected by the outside world?

There are many aspects involved in the heat treatment of metal workpieces. In addition to the influence of the metal workpiece itself, the actual metal workpiece will also be affected by the outside world, that is, the surrounding environment when the metal workpiece is processed by Metal heat treatment

Because the metal itself after oxidation or corrosion will have some adverse effects, for the subsequent use of metal will be the biggest change, so in the heat treatment at the same time, must pay attention to the environmental impact, Only in this way can we really make a better heat treated metal.

Heat treatment requires people to pay attention to the impact of the external environment, the more critical part of which is the oxygen inside, because when viewed directly on the oxygen side, The oxidation that can occur directly from such oxygen itself will have a great effect on the metal itself, so people need to pay due attention to these factors.

In fact, the carbonation of this kind of processing treatment is also a great influence now. When the humidity aspect of the outside world is very large, it will have a great impact. People need to pay due attention to the influence of such external environment on the heat treatment of metals.

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