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What equipment is used for metal heat treatment? How much is a set of equipment?

Metal steel bar, after heat treatment of induction heating furnace, can obtain good strength, hardness, wear resistance and other mechanical properties, and become a good metal material. Therefore, now all kinds of metal work-piece heat treatment begins to choose induction heating equipment for heat treatment, the price of induction heating equipment is determined by output and configuration.

round bar heat treatment equipment


Trust, from the possession of a remote induction heating equipment production line in July, fire season, hot summer, Yuantuo electromechanical induction heating equipment manufacturers orders are still in continuous supply, the production workshop day and night operation, only to ensure that users more timely delivery, start faster! At the same time, “frontline” also continues to send reports, often after-sales personnel regularly visit customers on the spot, and convey the user’s affirmation and appreciation of Yuantuo intermediate frequency heating equipment, as well as joy. The medium frequency induction heating equipment is a non-standard custom product from the understanding of the price of the remote induction heating equipment production line. The price is generally customized by the manufacturer according to the user’s metal work-piece material, shape, size, process requirements, production efficiency and other information, and carries on the quotation. As a powerful manufacturer of metal heat treatment equipment in Hebei Province, Yuanyuo provides users with a more complete set of induction heating equipment. A full set of intermediate frequency heating equipment, to provide users with a broader choice of space, the key is that these equipment is produced by Yuantuo mechatronics unified production, sales, do not go through other dealers, there is no intermediate price difference, so in the quality assurance at the same time, the price is still quite affordable.

Continuous innovation, continuous research and development, remote electromechanical induction heating equipment manufacturers to provide users with models, specifications rich in intermediate frequency heating equipment, to a greater extent to meet the production needs of different users, welcome friends in need of inspection and exchange at any time.


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