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What equipment is better for metal heat treatment processing?

Induction heat treatment equipment  industry is a popular industry, many investors are more optimistic about this project. Many engineering projects, such as railway, highway, high-speed rail, building and so on, require a large number of high-quality metal work-pieces, which promotes the development of induction heating equipment industry. Because induction heating equipment is a medium frequency current for metal work-piece heat treatment processing, the production process to achieve environmental protection, energy saving, efficient production, loved by heat treatment manufacturers, a set of Electric induction heating furnace needs how much?

The utility model has a wide range of applications, and the machining high efficiency and high quality induction heating equipment can be customized according to the user’s metal work-piece and meet the production needs of the user. The furnace body is customized according to the size of the user’s metal work-piece, and the fast change structure design is adopted to realize the environmental protection and high efficiency production in the processing process. Because the induction heating equipment adopts the electromagnetic principle to heat treat the metal work-piece, the electric energy itself belongs to the environmental protection energy, which is easy to realize energy saving, environmental protection production, and does not produce waste gas, waste smoke and dust and other substances that pollute the environment.

How much does a set of induction heating cost? A complete set of intermediate frequency heating equipment uses more than one kind of equipment, according to different production requirements, the configuration of the equipment is also different, one of the equipment changes, the price of a set of induction heating equipment will change, the price of a set of induction heating equipment is also affected by manufacturers, regions, and performance. So as for a complete set of metal heat treatment furnace how much, but also need to consult the corresponding induction heating equipment manufacturers. You can also consult Yuantuo Electromechanical customer Service Hotline, the manufacturer tailor-made induction heating equipment technical scheme for you, to ensure that it meets your technical requirements.

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