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What equipment does steel plate heat treatment need to use?

With the development of China and even the world economy, the demand for Slab heating furnace appears in a variety of situations, which requires us to use means to change the properties of steel plate to meet the demand! Therefore, steel plate heat treatment equipment emerges as the times require.

Steel slab heat treatment line

What do you know about steel plate heat treatment equipment? You might as well get to know it with the editor! The characteristics of heat treatment equipment of sheet metal and steel plate are as follows:

1, the main structure of cabinet, the electric and waterway system in the cabinet, the front of the cabinet is equipped with indicating instrument and control button, the height of the pool is suitable, and it is convenient to operate;

2, Ferrite quenching transformer, the water circuit is simple;

3, the intermediate frequency compensation capacitance is adjusted by knife gate;

4, the intermediate frequency contactor is set up outside the machine to avoid the influence on the vibration of the main engine cabinet;

5, the working process can be controlled by micro-treatment, and the heating and cooling can be preset.

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