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What does the steel bar heat treatment furnace look like? let’s see what it looks like.

Yuantuo is specialized in producing steel bar heat treatment furnace, steel bar heat treatment equipment,Steel pipe online heating furnace ,aluminum bar heating furnace, pipe heating equipment, etc. We share with you what kind of heat treatment of steel bar, please look down.

Steel bar heat treatment furnace composition:

1, medium frequency induction heating power supply (according to your request can be equipped with air-cooled induction heating power supply and water-cooled series power supply)

2, feeding mechanism (automatic feeding, tipping device)

3, discharging mechanism

4, Conveyor roller table (with variable frequency roller support device)

5, induction heating equipment system

6, quenching spray system

7, PLC console (including control technology and signal isolation control board and programmer)

8, Infrared temperature measuring device (using two-color infrared thermometer to control the temperature of workpiece)


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Post time: 04-05-2019