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What are the characteristics of intermediate frequency heating equipment?

Induction heating equipment, it can be divided into high frequency heating equipment and Medium frequency heating equipment, high-frequency heating equipment is commonly used in above the surface of the metal parts processing, and fully medium frequency heating equipment is more suitable for heat treatment, today small make up mainly introduce intermediate frequency heating equipment with you, about the performance characteristics of medium frequency heating equipment together to get to know.

What are the characteristics of if heating equipment if heating equipment current density is very high, must be made of different shapes of copper tube winding coil, copper tube water cooling, workpiece and coil between the furnace lining, mutual assembly.Among them, copper tube must be made of high quality copper material, excellent electrical conductivity, the smaller the impurities, the better, soft in annealed state, not easy to break.

Intermediate frequency heating equipment is also an indispensable metal heat treatment equipment in many production operations, with excellent performance in the heat treatment market by users.Yuantuo is a domestic professional if heating equipment manufacturers, 20 years focus on the development of it induction heating equipment, more heat treatment equipment information, please contact us

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