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What are the characteristics of induction heat treatment?

Induction heat treatment equipment  is a new type of metal heat treatment furnace – induction heating equipment for heat processing, using intermediate frequency current through the induction coil will be non-contact form of heat from the metal workpiece.


Compared with ordinary heating quenching, induction quenching has the following main characteristics:

1.Heating speed is extremely fast, usually only a few seconds to tens of seconds to heat the parts to the quenching temperature. In this way, iron and carbon atoms have no time to diffuse during the phase transition process, so the transition temperature of pearlite to austenite increases, and the range of phase transition temperature is enlarged, which is usually tens of degrees higher than that of ordinary heating quenching.

2.the heating time is short, the austenite grain is fine and uniform, the very fine martensite can be obtained after quenching, the hardness of the parts is 2~3 hrc higher than that of ordinary quenching, and the brittleness is low.

3.The residual compressive stress in the surface layer of quenched parts can improve the fatigue limit, and the deformation is small, so it is not easy to oxidize and decarbonize.

4.High productivity, easy mechanization and automation, suitable for mass production.

5. Induction heating equipment is more expensive, complex shape sensor is not easy to manufacture, nor suitable for small production, more suitable for mass processing.

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