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What are the advantages of the bar heat treatment furnace compared with the resistance furnace and gas furnace? Which is more professional?

What are the advantages of the bar heat treatment furnace compared with the resistance furnace and gas furnace? Which is more professional?

Under the circumstances of increasing environmental protection supervision, how to promote the rapid development of industrial production, but also effectively guarantee the resource-based processing and processing of metal materials, and create greater benefits? Forever produces professional induction heat treatment equipment for different specifications of bars. All of them are customer-centered and start from the point of view of customer demand.

1. The configuration and advantages of the induction bar heat treatment furnace compared with the resistance furnace, gas furnace and other heating equipment.

Forever has a variety of bar heat treatment furnace, which can be applied to quenching and heat treatment of different processing fields and different metal materials. The bar heat treatment furnace consists of feeding mechanism, conveyor roller, induction heating system, water quenching cooling system, feeding mechanism, IGBT intelligent induction heating power supply and central control system.

The operation button station of the PLC control system is a double button station, and the electrical control box is the main control station. The auxiliary button station is installed on the front side, which is easy to replace producdt and manual operation. The standard operation panel is mainly used to complete the operation, programming and modification, parameter setting.

The main control system uses a CNC operating system composed of CNC system, AC servo drive and servo motor to control the AC servo motor.

When the fluid temperature is too high (beyond the set temperature), the spraying system of bar heat treatment furnace is automatically started. The spraying pump sprays water on the wet and hot pipe wall and forms a water film, which absorbs a large amount of heat by evaporation. Part of the spray water becomes water vapor, which is carried away by the flowing air, and the water droplets that have not been evaporated fall into the catchment tank for the next cycle.

IGBT induction heating power supply has abnormal alarm and protection function of current and voltage, and overheat protection of bridge plate. Numerical control system has counting function. It can check parts production quantity and production data at any time. It also has the function of operator level password.


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