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What are the advantages of intermediate frequency induction heating equipment?

medium frequency heat treatment equipment is mainly used as metal steel rod, steel tube, steel billet, steel bar, steel plate, copper bar, aluminum bar and other workpieces for heat treatment processing at present. Because the metal heat treatment furnace adopts electromagnetic principle, the heating efficiency is up to 95%. Realize environmental protection, energy saving, low consumption and high efficiency production, so it is favored by heat treatment manufacturers.

The excellent performance of medium frequency induction heating equipment: first, intelligent manufacturing, configuration upgrading medium frequency heating furnace, including charging, heating, cutting, storage, control and other functions and integration, mechatronics design, more saving occupied space, operating time, The systems coordinate their operations without affecting each other. The whole set of equipment configures the power according to the user’s technological requirements and the production output requirements to ensure that the equipment power meets the user’s process requirements and output requirements.

Second, remote operation, intelligent production of medium frequency heating furnace equipped with PLC control system, can achieve remote control of all operations, timely grasp of the entire set of induction heating equipment operating data, to ensure safe, efficient production. Advanced touch screen design makes production more convenient and efficient. Electronic control system components are selected from Siemens, OMRON and other well-known brands, to ensure high quality equipment, processing products of good quality. Third, the production of medium-frequency induction heating equipment to achieve environmental protection is now a serious form of environmental protection, manufacturers in the choice of metal heat treatment equipment must be examined before the environmental performance of the equipment, otherwise it can not be bought back into production. Induction heating furnace is a kind of metal heat treatment equipment which is processed by electrothermal method. By means of inductor, the electricity quantity is directly generated from the inner part of metal workpiece by inductor, and the waste smoke and dust are not produced in the process of production, and the electric energy is produced directly from the inner part of the metal workpiece by inductor. Comply with the environmental protection requirements of the relevant departments.


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