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What are the advantages of choosing Forever Induction hardening and tempering equipment?

What are the advantages of choosing Forever Induction hardening and tempering equipment?

As a well-known steel bar induction hardening and tempering equipment manufacturer, Forever receives ten customers inquiry to consult the purchase of bar heat treatment furnace every day.Through communications with our customers, we found that some customers know little about induction heating technology, they only know it’s a kind of heating method but know little about its principle and advantage. And the customer only wants to know how much does it and what power it will need. Actually, firstly user need to be clear about what kind of equipment is suitable for his plant. For example, If your parts have many sizes and the size are very small like screw, it’s better to use the mesh belt furnace to do heat treatment. So first of all, we will ask our customers the size and process of the parts that need to be heat or heat treated. Then we will give suggestions to choose suitable bar heat treatment furnace and proposals.

Induction heating is an advanced technology. Compared with flame furnace and resistance furnace, its main advantages are as follows:

(1) The heating speed is fast, the productivity of induction hardening and tempering equipment can be doubled and the continuous production line can be formed with other process equipment.

(2) The heating time is short and the efficiency is high. The efficiency of induction furnace can reach 60%~70%. The heating efficiency of flame furnace is only about 20%. The heating efficiency of resistance furnace is only about 40%.

(3) For the induction heating used for hot forming, because the heating speed is fast, heating time is short, the burning rate of oxide scale produced by billet is 0.5%~1%, and the burning rate of metal in flame furnace is 3%. Induction heating furnace saves 2% of material than flame heating furnace. At the same time, the service life of forging die is increased.

(4) If the steel bar induction heating equipment is used in the hot working workshop, the temperature of the workshop will be greatly reduced because of less heat loss, and the working conditions of the workshop will be improved. Because the induction heating does not produce smoke and soot, it purifies the working environment of the workshop.


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