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We have special machine for heating billet — billet heating induction furnace .

We have special machine for heating billet — billet heating induction furnace

The progress of science and technology and the development of society are changing our mode of production. At such a time of fierce competition, the market demand is also higher and higher. The billet heating induction furnace of Forever adopts advanced IGBT module, which greatly improves the heating speed of billet, improves the production efficiency of users, and the induction heating process makes the production more energy-saving. From the market perspective, from the perspective of production demand, billet heating induction furnace has great potential for development.
Nearly twenty years experience has been made in the development of billet induction heating furnace.The billet heating induction furnace adopts twelve pulse feeding line, automatic feeding, automatic unloading with temperature sorting function. Here we will tell you the basic configuration of billet heating induction furnace.

1.Medium frequency induction resonant power supply

Series of intermediate frequency power supply, full touch screen control, pure digital tuning, high power output, rapid heating, energy saving and environmental protection, we have nearly 20 years of induction heating industry experience.

2. Medium frequency billet heating induction furnace

The induction coil is designed according to the size of the workpiece and heating speed; Our experienced engineer will give the most suitable coil design for the turns, distance and diameter in order to get the best heating efficiency, which will directly effect the equipment heating efficiency.

3. PLC control system based on human-machine interface.

PLC man-machine interface, operating interface is extremely simple. Full digital, high depth adjustable parameters can be according to different countries and regions to provide the corresponding language switch. A the same time, our system provides function that make the program to the original by touching one button.

What are the characteristics of continuous casting billet reheating furnace ?

1. Small footprint: the whole equipment has only one billet induction heater.

2.Medium frequency voltage output, energy saving up to 15% ~ 20%;

3. Billet heating induction furnace adopt double insulating treatment, its service life and reliability can be increased by 2 times; thin lining design can reduce space leakage; energy conversion efficiency is very high to achieve the purpose of energy saving;

4.Advanced 12 pulse technology, accounting for about 90% of the total harmonic, effectively reduces the interference of the power grid.

5. The water cooling roller is made of stainless steel. In order to prevent the corrosion of the spark, the transmission shaft and the roller shaft are mutually insulated.


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