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Unsuitable design will have defect on the bar heat treatment line?

Unsuitable design will have defect on the bar heat treatment line?


Forever bar heat treatment line is using full automatic PLC intelligent control system with features of uniform heating & cooling. After induction heat treatment with our line, the round bars will not bend and has crack. Forever has rich experience in the equipment design and production for bar heat treatment line.

The manufacturer should be familiar with the bar heat treatment process and the steel internal structure changes. If the producer don’t know the heat treatment process, it will has bad effect on the bars.

Then if the design is not suitable, what will happen?

1. The deflect caused by the impact of the media on the steel external structure chemical status, such as oxidation, decarbonization, carbon and sulfur, copper and so on.

2.The deflect caused by steel internal structure, such as overheating, over burning and not heat and so on.

3. As the steel is not heated evenly, the internal stress is too big. Then the steel will crack.

4 .The inductor turns has too many, which also will have bad effect on the bar heat treatment line.

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Post time: 08-15-2017