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Understand the approximate price of induction heating equipment

induction heating furnace is a famous small processing ability, high processing quality, but also high efficiency. It is a high quality work-piece in Metal heat treatment industry. It is often used in mining machinery, petroleum machinery, wind power machinery, machinery manufacturing and other projects.

Because of the characteristics of induction heating equipment, such as many uses, wide application range and good quality of metal work-piece, it is rapidly popular in the whole metal heat treatment processing industry, and is gradually replacing the traditional metal heat treatment equipment. At present, metal heat treatment furnace has also experienced several improvements, optimization, overall performance, volume and so on in these years. How much does it cost to buy such a set of high quality heat treatment quenching furnace?

if we want to know how much the specific induction heating equipment is, we need to divide the situation

1, the model output is different, the price is different, even if the same induction heating equipment, different users to choose and purchase, the price is certainly not the same, some users want to be fully automatic intelligent metal heat treatment furnace, want to configure a fully automatic feeding, blanking mechanism, and some users may feel unnecessary, this price is also different. And the heat treatment quenching furnace produced by different manufacturers may have different technology, different manufacturing process, different quality, different price will not be the same

2, different manufacturers, the cost and quality are different, the price can not be the same in the heat treatment market equipment manufacturers, almost every manufacturer has its own R & D team, the equipment they design uses different raw materials, the manufacturing process is different. The quality of induction heating equipment produced is also durable and undurable, so the cost of input and the quality of products produced by different manufacturers will almost be different, and the price will naturally not be the same.

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