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Uncover! This metal bar heat treatment furnace works well.

Uncover! This metal bar heat treatment furnace works well.

Forever induction heat treatment equipment is suitable for: stainless steel bar, copper bar, steel bar, stainless steel pipe, thick-walled steel pipe, torsion bar and other metal materials, whether in the process or in the output, it is breaking the old steel heat treatment furnace. Bar heat treatment furnace with induction heating technology is of fine quality and workmanship and widely used for mining, oil, railways and so on.

Forever bar heat treatment furnace prominent advantages

1. Thermal efficiency: Induction bar heat treatment furnace has been carefully designed and intellectually manufactured, using international advanced electromagnetic heating technology as heating principle, so that the heating efficiency of metal steel has been improved. Compared with the traditional steel heat treatment furnace under the same power, the thermal efficiency has increased about 30%.

2. Part cost: Induction bar heat treatment furnace changes the friction with metal workpiece by improving the distance between metal materials in steel bar induction heating furnace body; reduces the consumption of parts, and reduces the operation cost of traditional equipment by about 40%.

3. Electrical device is easy to maintain: imported electronic device in the equipment internal maintenance and disassembly convenient save a lot of downtime, easier to maintain and maintain.

4. Finished products: the production power of induction bar heat treatment furnace and other parameters can be adjusted. Compared with the traditional steel heat treatment furnace, qualified rate can reach 99%.

High efficiency induction bar heat treatment furnace is assured of purchase. Forever will be a good choice.

1. Steel bar induction heating furnace has been continuously improved and improved with the progress of scientific research. The equipment has been put into use in a large number of fields. These products have high output, high production efficiency and can meet the national environmental protection targets.

2. As for the relationship between supply and demand, some old heat treatment furnaces can not meet the needs of users and enterprises well. However, for the induction bar heat treatment furnace, it has abundant resources, simple process, low investment cost and remarkable economic value, which can be better utilized by users and enterprises. 


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