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Type of medium frequency heating furnace

Medium frequency induction heating furnace can effectively improve production efficiency by 25-30%, the future development direction

The production efficiency depends on the equipment used. The new type of medium frequency induction heating furnace has reasonable price and super high production efficiency, which is popular in today’s metal heating market;

1. Integrated production mode: feeding + heating + transmission, multiple production functions in one, improving production efficiency by 30%.

2. PLC centralized control: touch screen display and multi-functional console, realize remote or close control, reduce labor costs and floor space rental costs.

3. Customization on demand: a big advantage is that it can be customized according to the needs of users.


There are many types of medium frequency induction heating furnace, and one is suitable for you

What piece do you deal with? What is the output you want? What kind of production effect do you want? Our YUANTUO mechanical and electrical factory can customize the medium frequency induction heating furnace according to your actual needs, which can meet various needs of users. How to choose? Welcome to visit our company!


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Post time: 04-19-2020