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Trade war is coming. Forever pipe heat treatment furnace is scared ?

Trade war is coming. Forever pipe heat treatment furnace is scared ?

Along with the escalation of the trade war friction, the US sanctions against Iran have spread to China and Iran’s commercial contacts. In this non-smoke war, in the context of the current escalation of trade friction, whether Forever pipe heat treatment furnace can continue to maintain China’s leading position, how to face this situation?

With the advancement of globalization and the deepening of China’s opening to the outside world, China-US economic relations have gone far beyond the field of trade, and the economic ties between the two countries have merged into one and become supply chains. With the formation of global industrial chains and the increasingly close economic ties among countries in the world, the trade war initiated by the United States will have a significant impact on the global industrial chain, thus causing losses to enterprises and people in all countries, including the United States. There is no doubt that the trade war will bring huge losses to both sides.

In the face of the escalating China-US trade friction, Forever is committed to changing the business environment, increasing the attraction of foreign capital, protecting the interests of all foreign-invested enterprises concerned with Forever, so as to further enhance its position in the value chain of investors.

Before this, Forever should ensure the quality of the steel pipe heat treatment furnace, first of all, quality is the fundamental guarantee of everything, especially in such a tense situation, Forever should do its best to seize the opportunity to develop market of induction hardening and tempering equipment. There are breakthroughs in all competitions. Although this trade war is a war without gunpowder, we may have opportunity to expand our international market share.

Finally, another sentence: trade war, China does not want to fight, but never fear to fight. As a member of China, Forever will pay great attention to the technology development of steel pipe induction heating equipment and continue to make efforts.


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