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To meet customer needs is the same goal of induction hardening and tempering equipment!

To meet customer needs is the same goal of induction hardening and tempering equipment!

       In order to improve product quality, to meet the needs of enterprises in large quantities and varieties of production, which is the shortcut to the development of new and efficient induction hardening and tempering equipment industry. To meet the requirement of induction heat treatment industry is our greatest motivation to move forward.Because of the needs of the market, so we will be more proud. So we must develop the best induction hardening and tempering equipment for more users making more profit to our users.

   Induction hardening and tempering equipment is to achieve the basis of heat treatment process and assurance, which is directly related to the level of heat treatment technology and the quality of the workpiece is good or bad. All along, Forever adhere to the path of innovation and development, our rich technology precipitation and application of new technologies,makes our hardening and tempering equipment achieve automatic loading & unloading, heating and insulation. What’s more important, the development of new power supply has made our machine can be used for more wide size of workpiece in one line. At the same time our professional service attitude and sense of responsibility has made Forever become the reliable brand for customers at home and abroad.

    If you are looking for reliable induction hardening and tempering equipment, please contact with Forever to know more about our company and product. During operation, you only need manually put the bar or pipe on the storage platform, other actions will be automatically finished controlled by PLC including turning, feeding, preheating, heating, quenching, tempering, cooling and discharging.

   Remote console has powerful recipe management system:After entering the steel grade, outer diameter and other parameters, the system will call the related program to start the system operation. No need to input the required parameters.

  Choose a set of high-quality induction heat treatment furnace is not easy as it means invest in the equipment. Forever’s suggestion is that you should visit the factory to check it’s manufacturing ability and management to see whether they can meet your requirement.  


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