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This medium frequency heating equipment is your choice this year!

In the initial stage of the development of Induction heating furnace its mechanical structure has not changed much compared with the general equipment. With the development of science and technology, the productivity of intermediate frequency heating equipment is only due to its control mode and usage characteristics. The processing precision and the life have put forward the higher request. The main mechanism of intermediate frequency heating equipment has the following characteristics:

1. As a result of the adoption of high performance stepless spindle and servo drive system, the limit transmission structure of intermediate frequency heating equipment is greatly simplified, and the transmission device is also greatly shortened;

2. In order to adapt to continuous automatic machining and improve productivity, the mechanical structure of intermediate frequency heating equipment has higher precision of static and dynamic stiffness and damping, as well as high wear resistance and small thermal deformation.

3. In order to reduce friction, eliminate transmission clearance and obtain higher machining precision, more efficient transmission components are used. In order to improve the life and precision retention of stainless steel annealing furnace, the wear resistance of parts should be fully considered in the design. In particular, gearing roller, spindle parts and so on affect the progress of the main parts wear resistance. In the process of operation, the parts of NC machine tool should be lubricated well.


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