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The three main parts of the medium-frequency induction heating equipment!

we are the profession Induction heating manufacturer! Do you know which three big ones it is? Today, Yuantuo electromechanical intermediate frequency furnace manufacturers to tell you which three are it!

The first part is induction heating power supply. The main device of remote electromechanical induction heating equipment adopts IGBT module, and the circuit adopts uncontrolled full-bridge rectifier, capacitance filtering, bridge inverter and series resonance output. It is fundamentally different from the old if using thyristor parallel resonance. Uncontrollable rectifier, rectifier circuit fully on. High power factor, voltage type series resonance and so on, determine the power saving of remote electromechanical intermediate frequency furnace. The inverter start-up signal adopts a single-signal highly sensitive trigger circuit, which further increases the start-up performance of the intermediate frequency induction heating equipment, and makes the start-up success rate of the intermediate frequency reach more than 99%. The layout of the components is coordinated and the maintenance is convenient. The protection function is perfect, such as over-voltage, over-current, under-voltage, water shortage, phase shortage, voltage limit and current limit, so as to ensure the reliability and working stability of the medium frequency furnace.

The second largest part is the transformer in induction heating equipment, its capacity is generally selected according to 3 times the power of frequency conversion power supply. In production, the temporary load rate of transformer is different. Multi-turn ratio medium frequency transformer (hereinafter referred to as transformer) is mainly used for induction heating such as quenching, pipe bending, welding, hot penetration, diothermic furnace and so on, which is used to reduce pressure, isolation and impedance matching of intermediate frequency furnace. Unlike ordinary transformers, it must be used with cooling water.

The third part is composed of intermediate frequency heat treatment equipment bed, loading and unloading mechanism, material conveying system, clamping rotating mechanism, transformer and resonant channel, cooling system, quenching liquid circulation system, electrical control system, etc. Remote extension electromechanical equipment can customize the production of IF induction heating equipment according to the user’s work-piece process.


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