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The price of steel pipe heating furnace

The price of steel pipe heating furnace


When the customer send us the inquiry about our induction heating equipment,usually they will say please send us the offer of steel pipe heating furnace.Here Forever Furnace would like to tell you that firstly you should know what kind of heating furnace you want. You want electric furnace, gas furnace,melting furnace or vacuum furnace.And electric furnace includes induction heating furnace and resistance furnace.What we produce is induction heating furnace for steel pipe heating.


The main factors that affect the steel pipe heating furnace is the selection of components, medium frequency induction heating power supply technology, product quality and service commitment. In the selection of elements, the supplier and the material is different, the price of steel pipe heating furnace is different.For example,the furnace shell has simple steel shell and stainless steel shell. There is much price difference.

As a result, when you need steel pipe heating furnace,please provide us with work piece dimension, process and material grade.We will give you the technical solution and price.

If you are interested in our steel pipe heating furnace, please send us inquiry or call Forever Furnace sales person at 0086-13303078975

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Post time: 04-29-2016