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The most advantage of Forever long bar heat treatment line

The most advantage of Forever long bar heat treatment line 

Forever is committed to producing long bar heat treatment line and design for more than ten years, which has produced hundreds of long bar heat treatment lines, having a deep understanding of various materials difference. Mature and stable process, reliable operation makes Forever long bar heat treatment line more popular in the world.

At present, most domestic manufacturers are manual adjustment and get different size of long bar heat treatment parameters by testing. But Forever technicians has set corresponding heat treatment parameters for different size of bars such as heating temperature, heating time, cooling time,and power required. When the system start, only one person to operate, which saves labor cost. The operator only need to choose the specifications of steel bar numbers in the console interface, the system will be in accordance with the specifications of the operation parameters .After simple training, the worker can master the system running, no need special professional skills. The programmed operation ensures consistency of product quality than manual adjustment.

In the operation of the equipment, there is a complete data monitoring, process records and traceability is strong. The man-machine interface of the console will display production data, such as temperature, current, voltage, water pressure, etc.. The data can be stored in the system for a period of time, convenient for users to transfer view, users can also download production data to the U disk for long-term storage.

If the steel bar diameter need to be heated has many kinds, the induction heater can be replaced as per different production requirements. And our intelligent intermediate frequency power supply with broadband design does not need to adjust the power parameters when replace inductors.

The above is the most advantages of Forever long bar heat treatment compared with other manufacturers. If you have any questions about Forever induction heat treatment furnace, welcome to contact us.


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