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The heat treatment process of metal bar has to be known.

The Induction heat treatment equipment , the provider of metal heat treatment production line, the production history of nearly 30 years, the steel rod heat treatment equipment, the steel pipe quenching and tempering heat treatment line, the steel bar heat treatment furnace, the thread steel quenching heat treatment equipment, the petroleum casing conditioning equipment, the sucker rod quenching equipment and many other metal heat treatment equipment, the performance is stable, the applicable life is long, the energy saving effect is good, According to your process needs for you to customize the appropriate metal heat treatment production line, the following long extension of the old engineer for you detailed metal bar heat treatment process.

round bar heat treatment equipment

What is heat treatment: heat treatment is a process in which metals are heated, insulated and cooled in solid state to change the internal structure and structure of metals in order to obtain the required properties. The heat treatment process of metal bar is as follows:

1, metal heating: the purpose of metal heating is to obtain uniform and fine Austenite structure.

2, metal insulation: the purpose is to ensure that the workpiece is burned through and to prevent decarbonization and oxidation.

3, metal cooling: the purpose is to transform Austenite into different microstructure. Microstructure of metal sheet after heat treatment: heating, heat preservation of Austenite in the subsequent cooling process, according to the cooling rate will be transformed into different microstructure. Different tissues have different properties.

Yuantuo Electromechanical engineer will design induction heating equipment and metal heat treatment equipment according to the performance of your work-piece to meet the requirements of your products.

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