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The flat bar heat treatment furnace is too powerful, no need to work overtime with it

The flat bar heat treatment furnace is too powerful, no need to work overtime with it

Flat bar heat treatment furnace includes induction heating furnace, quenching water tank, IGBT intermediate frequency power supply, capacitor, PLC control system and other important products series. After heat treatment with our flat bar heat treatment furnace, the flat bar mechanical properties has been improved such as hardness, tensile strength, yield strength, toughness and so on. Today, let’s take the flat bar heat treatment furnace as an example to explain the characteristics of our products.

The characteristics of the flat bar induction hardening and tempering equipment are:

1. Modular design is flexible and easy to install and disassemble.

2. The whole shape of the furnace is straight, which can control the sound scattering more effectively, and the continuous frame structure is the main body in the middle.

3. Special noise reduction and sound insulation device, noise reduction effect is good, but also has excellent weather resistance, durability to ensure service life;

4. Including PLC intelligent manual control + drive motor + closed cooler motor + cylinder start-stop control, induction heating furnace power control, temperature closed-loop control, frequency conversion speed control and so on. All the actions are displayed and operated on the control cabinet.

5. PLC intelligent terminal monitoring equipment can real-time monitor the operation of water, electricity, temperature and other energy consumption factors, realize one person or even unattended, remote monitoring of monitoring points by the energy management system, greatly reducing the operating pressure of operators.

6. The steel bar induction heating furnace adopts advanced electromagnetic induction heating. The induction heating furnace has advantages of rapid heating, rapid spray quenching cooling, quenching crack tendency to reduce, will not appear cracks, deformation and so on.

When the production is 5-20 tons/hour, the bar heat treatment furnace is selected to save money and save worry.

Is there little space on the job site? No problem.

Is it too troublesome to move materials back and forth? We can solve.

Deformation and oxidation cracks occurred after quenching? Can solve

The work of the furnace includes feeding, roller conveying, induction heating, spray quenching, roller conveying, chain cooling bed.  Every link is indispensable. It is very difficult to move these equipment once. But our machine is small and easy to move and assemble. From loading the material to conveying, heating, cooling and c ollecing, only one worker can operate the system, which is very easy to control.


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