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The factors affecting the heat treatment effect of bar heat treatment furnace

The factors affecting the heat treatment effect of bar heat treatment furnace

As the leading designer and producer of bar heat treatment furnace, Forever continue to develop more cost effective induction heat treatment equipment to bring more profit to the enterprises. The bars can be carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel. After the heat treatment with our machines, the properties has been greatly improved in hardness, wear resistance and toughness.

The most important factor affecting the heat treatment deformation of induction hardening and tempering equipment is the heat treatment temperature.

1. After the temperature decreases, the strength loss of the workpiece decreases, and the plastic resistance increases. In this way, the comprehensive ability of the workpiece to resist stress deformation, quenching deformation and high temperature creep is enhanced and the deformation will be reduced.

2. The temperature range of heating and cooling of the workpiece decreases after the process temperature is lowered, and the temperature inconsistency of each part will also be reduced. Thermal stress and microstructure stress caused by this will be relatively reduced, so the deformation will be reduced.

3. If the process temperature decreases and the heat treatment process time shortens, the high temperature creep time of the workpiece decreases and the deformation decreases.

4. In order to ensure the final accuracy of the workpiece, an ideal method is to find out the rule of heat treatment deformation of the workpiece.A certain amount of deformation is reserved during the machining, so that the dimension of the workpiece after carburizing and quenching can be transferred to the required range. This requires that the deformation of the workpiece has good consistency, that is, the deformation law and deformation range between the same furnace workpiece and the workpiece of different furnace are close to the same.

5. Although the heat treatment deformation is difficult to control, the heat treatment deformation can be reduced by reducing the process temperature of bar heat treatment furnace, controlling the hardenability of steel, controlling the pre-heat treatment conditions of the workpiece and strictly controlling the quenching conditions of the workpiece.

The induction heat treatment equipment produced by Forever tends to be in the leading position in the same industry. It has the advantages of high heating efficiency, low failure rate, reliable protection and so on. We are aimed at providing user’s with best heat treatment solution and top quality machines.


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