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The difference between air-cooling and water-cooled induction heating equipment is this

What is the difference between air-cooled induction heating equipment and water-cooled equipment? The water-cooled induction heating equipment power supply has two pipes, one is the inlet pipe, the other is the outlet pipe. Water-cooled heating power supply has certain requirements for water quality. It is best to use tap water or well water and special cooling water. However, it is impossible to use the river. Since there will be some grass or sand in the river, if the grass or sand is inhaled, the water will not be cooled and the temperature will not be cooled. The simple overheating maintenance will stop the operation of induction heating furnace, quenched heat treatment equipment, and quenched and tempered heat treatment production line. Another problem is that water-cooled induction heating is not suitable for use in the northern region or in some lower temperature areas. Because the temperature is too low, cooling water can not work, or even ice, thus unable to achieve the effect of water cooling. In the southern region, water cooling is more suitable, and its main advantage is that the cooling effect is good.

Air cooling the power supply of induction heating equipment, also known as air cooling, because the cooling method is to use a fan to cool the air. The electric fan is installed in the power cabinet. When the power is turned on, the fan starts to change and the fan cooling is the same as that of the electric fan in the main machine controlled by PLC. Advantages of air-cooled power supply: convenient installation, no installation of pipes, no need of water quality, not affected by climate and environment, good cooling effect.

The permanent cooling induction heating equipment with energy saving as the core has the following characteristics:

1. Induction heating furnace has the characteristics of automatic frequency regulation.

2, power cooling does not require other media, saving resources.

3, the coil uses the advanced magnetic material ferrite, greatly improves the heat conversion rate.

4, no leakage, long service life.

5, the touch screen control of man-machine interface, automation and intelligence level is high.

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