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The choice of furnace for steel pipe heat treatment is very important! Choose the right one, and you’ll earn it.

With the increasingly wide application of Electric induction heating furnace in the production of steel pipe heat treatment, today’s manufacturers of induction heat treatment equipment are everywhere, so users are also comparing goods at the time of choice, and there is no way to start. How to select the right steel tube induction heat treatment furnace is of great importance to the buyer. In the process of operation, the traditional metal heating equipment inevitably results in a large amount of steel loss, resulting in the loss of a great deal of wealth. The new type heat treatment electric furnace for steel pipe adopts induction heating technology to heat up the metal fittings such as steel pipe, stainless steel pipe and so on. It has no dust, no noise and no overburning in the operation of the equipment, thus reducing the loss of wealth at the same time. To ensure the metal heating treatment industry green production.

steel bar heat treatment machine

The new steel tube heat treatment furnace has the following characteristics:

(1) continuous heating, quenching, tempering, high automation. Only two people are required to operate the complete set of equipment.

(2) using electromagnetic induction heating and spraying cooling, the efficiency of heating is 3 times higher than that of resistance furnace, and the power consumption per ton is less than or equal to 500 degrees after tempering, which is much lower than that of resistance heating.

(3) after quenching and tempering, the microstructure is finer, the mechanical strength is 10% higher than that of resistance furnace, and the product consistency is good.

(4) the complete set of equipment is equipped with computer control system to continuously monitor and control the power parameters, mechanical parameters, heat treatment parameters of heat treatment, fault alarm and automatic recording, so that the parameters can be plasticized.

(5) the spray system adopts multi-stage spray cooling, and the pressure and flow rate between different stages of sprinkler ring can be adjusted. Meet the requirements of different permeability.

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