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The billet induction heater ensures the precision quality.

As a kind of production and processing equipment, the quality of billet induction heating furnace is not only related to the sales volume of equipment and the reputation of enterprises, but also directly related to the personal safety of operators. Therefore, the quality of billet induction heating furnace has become the core factor to determine the success or failure of enterprises.


As the excellent steel billet induction heating equipment manufacturer in China, the long-distance machine has been seeing the quality of the steel billet induction heating equipment as the life. The company’s long-term mechanical and mechanical order has been continuously, and the employees are still in production. In order to allow the customer to use the steel billet induction heating equipment sooner, The far-end electromechanical production staff have been fighting in the first line to ensure early delivery to the customer.

High quality billet induction heating equipment has always been the guarantee of Yuantuo mechatronics in induction heating industry, so Yuantuo electromechanical has always been concerned about the quality of billet induction heating equipment, often do some training to employees from time to time, in order to ensure the high level of staff, high skills, bring a higher level of billet induction heating equipment for customers.

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