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The advantages of induction heating

Induction heating furnace, as a new subject, has been truly applied in the past 30 years. In the energy shortage today, its importance is particularly prominent, technology is improving rapidly, the use is becoming more and more extensive. After the reform and opening up, China began to develop induction heating technology, and its application prospect is very promising.

The main results are as follows:

(1) the heating temperature is high and the non-contact heating is non-contact.

(2) High heating efficiency.

(3) the heating speed is fast.

(4) the temperature is easy to control.

(5) it can be heated locally and

(6) it is easy to realize automatic control.

(7) the working environment is good and there is little noise or dust.

(8) the work area is small and the production efficiency is high.

(9) the workpiece with complex shape can be heated.

(10) the workpiece is easy to heat evenly and the product quality is good.

(11) the solution has the effect of electromagnetic stirring in melting.

The composition of metal liquid can be adjusted evenly, and the temperature of solution is uniform and there will be no local high temperature. Less metal burning, which is more important for smelting rare metals.

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Post time: 06-14-2019