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The advantages of billet induction heating furnace you don’t know

The advantages of billet induction heating furnace you don’t know

If you have never used billet induction heating furnace, you may not clear about it.  Compared with gas furnace, the billet induction heating furnace has the following advantages.Let Forever tell you.

1. Simple operation: The user can learn it within a few minutes.

2.Fast starting: Heating can be started after supply water and power.

3.Good effect: the heating is very uniform (by adjusting the induction coil density, so that the parts of the workpiece can obtain their own temperature), less oxidation, no waste after annealing;

4. Full protection: with over-voltage, over-current, overheating, water and other alarm instructions, and automatic control and protection;

5. Heating fast: the fastest heating speed is less than 1 second (speed is adjustable control).

6.Small size, light weight: small footprint, saving plant space, operating environment, environmental protection, energy saving, security, no noise, exhaust, dust exclusion.

7. Wide heating: heating a wide range of metal parts (according to the different shape of the workpiece to replace the detachable induction coil).

8. Easy to install: connect the power supply, induction coil and water pipe, the system can work.

9.The heating temperature can be adjustable.

10.24 hours continuous working.

Forever is engaged in medium frequency heating equipment for more than 13 years, we can help you to choose suitable billet induction heating furnace with our experience.Welcome your inquiry .


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