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Technological characteristics of a New Type of Induction heating equipment in remote Development

Yuantian electromechanical Induction heating furnace sells well at home and abroad, and is well received by users, so what are the technological characteristics of Yuantuo induction heating equipment? The power supply of induction heating equipment adopts IGBT power device and the fourth generation converter control technology of our company, which is based on parallel resonance. In intermediate frequency technology, power and frequency conversion are regulated independently, and IGBT switching device and amorphous inductor are used to adjust power of if chopper circuit.

The induction heating equipment adopts IGBT parallel resonance and frequency automatic tracking technology to obtain accurate soft-switching control inverter process, which greatly improves the working reliability of the heating equipment under high power, and has been developed in the field of high power. The temporary load rate of heating equipment is realized.

The structural characteristics of induction heating equipment: all the remote extension intermediate frequency induction heating equipment adopts parallel resonant circuit. According to the application situation, we can choose direct output or intermediate frequency transformer output. The basic structure is as follows: 1. Induction heating equipment is one of the most commonly used structures, such as intermediate frequency forging furnace, forging diathermy equipment, intermediate frequency electric heating equipment, steel bar heating furnace, steel pipe heating equipment, billet heating equipment, stainless steel heating furnace and so on. The intermediate frequency induction heating equipment is simple, the loss is low, the working efficiency is high, and the manufacturing cost is low. When this structure, the induction ring is relatively long, usually made of 1.5 m-8 m long copper tube. Because the medium frequency air cooling induction should be directly output by the heating power supply, the maximum voltage on the induction coil is 550 V, and it is not isolated from the main electricity, so the induction coil must be well insulated and can not be directly exposed. The raw materials used in Yuanyu electromechanical metal heating furnace are domestic and foreign well-known formal manufacturers.


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