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Talking about Diathermic Forging Equipment, Today’s Excellent Advantage

With the development of economy and the pressure of environmental protection situation, many unqualified manufacturers of Induction heating equipment and diathermic forging equipment which are seriously polluted by the environment have stopped production. If they do not make progress, they will be eliminated. The existing small edition of Yuantuo Machinery and Electrical Machinery simply tells you about the diathermic forging equipment, which has developed remarkable advantages in recent years.

steel bar heat treatment machine
With the continuous development and innovation of Yuantuo’s mechanical and electrical technology, the forging heat-permeable equipment tends to be energy-saving and environmental-friendly, with high production efficiency, and meets the needs of the market. The former forging heat-permeable equipment was heated by gas, natural gas and resistance furnace, which is polluted seriously and has low production efficiency. The inductive heating technology is adopted in the heat-permeable forging equipment produced by Yuantuo’s mechanical and electrical machinery nowadays, which is energy-saving, environmental protection, high production efficiency It is stable and has good heat permeability, and the qualified rate of products is quite high.

Yuantuo Electrical and Mechanical Diathermic Forging Equipment is widely used in forging heating. It is mainly used for on-line heating of steel bars, stainless steel, bars, round steel, steel tubes, square steel, steel plates and billets, partial heating and on-line forging of metal workpieces (such as gears, bearings, semi-axle connecting rods, etc.).
4. Intelligent induction heating power supply should be kept clean.


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