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Surface induction quenching equipment market quotation

The Surface induction quenching equipment, the medium-frequency induction heating furnace, the intermediate frequency heating electric furnace and the like are used for the remote-to-large-scale electromechanical professional production surface. The surface induction quenching device manufactured by the high-pressure electric machine has the advantages of high intelligence degree, remote control in hand, after the ordering contract is signed, the surface induction quenching device after the production date is ready to go, can realize the remote operation, is convenient and fast, and is not affected by the environment, the terrain and the like, It really did it, and it caused an investment boom in the market of induction heating and heat treatment equipment.

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How much is the surface induction quenching equipment quoted per set? The surface induction quenching equipment has been developed through continuous innovation and upgrading, and has been developed by adding high and new technologies. The intermediate frequency induction heating power supply controlled by conventional SCR has been upgraded to an energy-saving air-cooled intermediate frequency induction heating power supply control system. Its power consumption is saved more than 20%, even under full load, the surface induction quenching equipment can ensure normal operation. At the beginning of production, the cost of remote electromechanical surface induction quenching equipment is more profitable than that of conventional thyristor surface induction quenching equipment, so the price of induction quenching equipment is naturally higher than that of conventional thyristor surface induction quenching equipment. The price of surface induction quenching equipment has always been a variable, which is affected by many factors. For example, when different parts are heated with different induction heaters, the production costs will vary to a certain extent, and there will also be differences in pricing. In general, the configuration of a lower intermediate frequency induction heating equipment, the price will be lower; Yuantuo Mechanical and Electrical equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a direct-selling manufacturer without middlemen, customers directly contact the manufacturers, if you want to clearly express their real needs, you can directly contact the technical personnel in the station. In order to obtain greater strength of the discount and surface induction quenching equipment for the real price.


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