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Successful case for large power induction billet heater

Successful case for large power induction billet heater

Large power induction billet heater is Forever strength. As large power will have harmonic problem for the grid, Forever has special customized transformer to solve this problem. And fine induction heating coil design and mature series power supply design has make our induction billet heater more reliable and safe.

The features of Forever billet heating system:

1. Digital phase locking: digital phase locking technology is used to realize the automatic tracking of frequency. It can automatically adapt to various inductors 

2. Modular design: the use of drive module control, to ensure the reliability of equipment for easy maintenance
3. Resonant inverter technology: using resonant inverter technology to make the overall efficiency higher than 90%, high efficiency, energy saving.
4.Fool type design: simple installation, without debugging, easy to use, safe and reliable: equipment without volt high voltage, safe operation, can work 24 hours continuously.


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