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Structure and price of long-distance steel tube quenching and tempering equipment furnace

Professional steel pipe tempering furnace, steel tube quenching and tempering equipment manufacturer remote electromechanical, far-extension induction heating equipment can be in high temperature heating and low-temperature quenching of steel pipe diameter between 10mm~300mm, steel rod, Steel bar and other metal materials, such as heating quenching and heat preservation tempering, can meet the requirements of a variety of metal induction heat treatment.

line pipe heat treatment machine

The quenching tank of steel tube tempering furnace consists of quenching liquid tank, quenching water tank and dynamic cooling water tank. The quenching cooling cleaning of induction heating equipment is convenient, the filtering effect is good, and the sealing property is good. The water-cooled connection of induction heating equipment adopts quick replacement connector, which makes the replacement of induction heater easier.

Steel pipe conditioning equipment configuration and total price: induction heating equipment, quenching heat treatment equipment price including induction heating power supply intelligent level, material selection, manufacturing technology and the details of key parts, and so on. There is a great difference in price. In fact, the most important thing is not the induction heating device itself, but a complete set of process development services that ultimately provide you. I believe in the reasonableness of our price.

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