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Steel tube induction reheating furnace manufacturer

High quality steel tube reheating furnace manufacturer, Hebei YUANTUO mechanical and electrical equipment manufacturing Co., Ltd. has many years of experience in the production of induction heating equipment, induction heating equipment, forging and diathermy equipment, and has its own production base. The manufacturer’s direct sales products are cheap, and the quality and after-sales are guaranteed. Please rest assured that we can meet your different needs with high-quality products and satisfactory services.
Advantages of steel tube reheating furnace:

1. The steel tube reheating furnace of YUANTUO Electric Co., Ltd. is controlled by medium frequency IGBT air-cooled induction heating power supply, infrared thermometer, and non-contact medium frequency heating, which makes the steel tube heating more uniform.

2. In addition, the steel tube reheating furnace adopts closed-loop control, which has fast heating speed and high production efficiency. All water pipes of the furnace body of the medium frequency heating furnace are made of stainless steel pipes, which can avoid water rust and scaling, greatly improve the cooling effect and increase the service life.

3. The steel tube heating furnace adopts the human-machine interface control system and the full touch screen to control the production of the whole set of induction heat treatment equipment.

4. High precision temperature control, fully automatic intelligent control.

5. The steel tube reheating furnace is pollution-free, energy consumption is low, the processed steel tube is crack free, and the linear requirements of toughness and tensile strength meet the customer satisfaction.

6. Medium frequency heating system of steel pipe, transmission mechanism is controlled by independent drive, pneumatic automatic control and section speed control. The powerful management system will automatically call relevant parameters after selecting the type parameters of steel pipe to be produced.

7. The equipment adopts closed cooling tower for cooling and energy saving.

Hebei YUANTUO mechanical and electrical professional induction heating equipment manufacturer: steel bar heating furnace, steel pipe heating furnace, steel pipe heat treatment equipment, billet heating furnace, aluminum bar heating furnace, steel bar forging and diathermy equipment, steel pipe quenching and tempering heat treatment production line and other heat treatment equipment series. We are dedicated to serving the majority of users at home and abroad with advanced technology, high quality, excellent service.
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