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Composition of complete set of steel tube heat treatment furnace

The steel tube heat treatment furnace is mainly composed of induction heater, medium frequency power supply, feeding frame, PLC control system, spray quenching system, cooling tower, etc., and other configurations can be configured according to the user’s requirements.


Performance advantages of steel tube heat treatment furnace:

Good straightness: adopt the remote induction heating heat treatment production line, the straightening function is designed in the heat treatment process, and the pipe / bar / plate can obtain very good straightness after heat treatment and tempering

Less oxidation and decarburization: due to the heat generated in the heated workpiece, the heating speed is fast, the efficiency is high, the workpiece surface oxidation and decarburization is less, and raw materials are saved.

● heating temperature is uniform, temperature control accuracy is high, temperature difference is small and pollution-free: remote series variable-frequency power supply is easy to detect load current change directly and accurately, so as to realize closed-loop control of output power, and can maintain constant output power and temperature stability even if external voltage fluctuates. The heating temperature control accuracy of the product is very high and the temperature difference between the core and the surface is low, so there will be no harmful gas, smoke, strong light and other pollution in the production process.

High degree of mechanization and automation: it has intelligent advantages such as high degree of power supply intelligence, accurate temperature adjustment, automatic tracking of frequency conversion, adaptive load change, automatic power adjustment, etc. it is a one key operation, that is, input preset parameters such as current, voltage, speed, etc. into the intelligent control system before production, and automatically complete the heating work after one key start, without personnel on duty, Truly realize automatic intelligent induction heating.

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