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Steel plate quenching equipment

Steel plate is a kind of flat steel which is poured by molten steel and pressed after cooling. With the rapid development of economy and the development of urbanization, the requirements for steel plate are higher and higher! The steel plate directly pressed from the steel plant can not meet the market demand and needs to be quenched. However, there are Hardening heat treatment furnace in the market. What steel plate quenching furnace is more suitable for today’s energy-saving and environmental protection market? How much is the equipment? This is a lot of steel plate processing customers want to know, today’s small series here for you to answer one by one.


1、 Which equipment is better for steel plate hardening heat treatment?

So what equipment is needed to make the steel plate produced by the steel plant have better performance? This is the concern of every user friend who has invested in the project. Generally speaking, the furnaces suitable for steel plate quenching include electric steel plate quenching furnace and trolley furnace for steel plate quenching. Compared with the trolley furnace, the steel plate quenching electric furnace occupies a small area, and the steel plate quenching electric furnace adopts large screen PLC intelligent control technology to realize one key operation mode, which is simple and convenient, and has low requirements for workers, It effectively saves labor expenditure. 2、 How much is the electric furnace for steel plate quenching?

Want to buy a set of steel plate quenching furnace need to invest how much money? This problem has always affected the hearts of users. According to the data statistics, the prices of domestic steel plate quenching furnaces vary greatly, and the quotations of various manufacturers are different. The reasons for these differences are as follows:

1. Distribution of manufacturers

Generally speaking, the more widely distributed manufacturers are, the more fierce the competition will be. Under the condition of ensuring the cost, the manufacturers will try their best to reduce the price to expand the sales volume, such as Hebei.

2. Sales mode steel plate quenching furnace is a popular equipment in the market. In order to attract customers, various manufacturers can say that there are many kinds of designs. When choosing, the price of steel plate heat treatment quenching furnace produced by direct selling large manufacturers is more reasonable.

3. Equipment quality

Quality is the fundamental factor that determines the price. The better the quality, the more meticulous the manufacturing process will be, the more careful the materials will be taken, and the performance will be better. Naturally, the price will be higher.

4. Output

Generally speaking, the higher the capacity of the equipment, the more expensive its price. Users should be aware of this and choose the appropriate one according to their own needs.

Through these factors, we can know how much a set of steel plate quenching equipment costs is uncertain, or according to the user’s choice.

5、 Steel plate quenching furnace which home good?

Here we sincerely recommend Hebei YUANTUO electromechanical Co., Ltd. the factory is not only strong in strength and good in reputation, but also has high cost performance. The equipment it produces is quite popular in the market and has been recognized and affirmed by most users. YUANTUO will never forget its original intention and forge ahead in the future. If you have any questions about induction heat treatment equipment such as steel plate quenching, you can call the service hotline of YUANTUO induction heating equipment manufacturer at any time, and we will serve you 24 hours a day.

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