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Steel pipe induction heating equipment

Metal materials commonly used in Metal heat treatment industry have high market value, but need to be processed by special processing equipment to improve the strength, hardness, wear resistance and other mechanical properties of steel pipes. Among them, Steel pipe induction heating equipment processing should be convenient, fast, time-saving and labor-saving, or induction heating equipment, a user asked how much a set of induction heating equipment? There are hundreds of thousands of quotations in the market, there are millions, quotations are very different. Let’s get to know more about it.

Induction heating equipment, that is, the seamless pipe heating equipment, this induction heating equipment uses electromagnetic principle for processing and production, the overall structure is compact and reasonable, there will be no waste gas smoke and dust pollution in the processing process, environmental protection production can be realized in the processing process, and the thermal efficiency of the seamless pipe heat treatment equipment is as high as 95%, and the surface of steel pipe processing will not produce oxide skin. Burning and decarbonization and other phenomena, processing quality is high. At present, it is one of the first choice equipment for many heat treatment manufacturers.

Yuantuo Electromechanical and Electrical Machinery is a self-produced and self-selling manufacturer, which adopts the management standard of “not opening for three years and eating for three years”, which is often used by many agency manufacturers in the market. therefore, when pricing seamless tube heating equipment, it is considered more about the actual input cost of manufacturing equipment, under the premise of ensuring that the cost can be recovered. Then consider how to balance the relationship between profit and customer acceptance, which is also the reason why most customers can accept Yuantuo electromechanical, not only the quality is guaranteed, the price is also reasonable.

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