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steel billet reheating electric induction furnace

The entire process of rolling steel bars with steel billets has high energy consumption and high steel loss. Today, the editor of Hebei Forever Electromechanical Co., Ltd. will introduce a steel billet reheating furnace, which is used for measuring the cross-section of 60mm-160mm.

Steel damage, square damage, plate damage, floor steel, and heat-resistant sliding blocks should be heated to achieve the required temperature.

steel billet induction heating furnace

The complete Billet induction reheating machine is usually composed of power supply system, heating coil or electrode, inductor, control system, and other parts. The power system provides stable electrical energy for the equipment, the heating coil or electrode is responsible for generating electromagnetic fields, the inductor is used to place the steel billet in the electromagnetic field for heating, and the control system controls the parameters and time of the heating process. The steel rolling heating furnace uses electrical energy as the heating energy source, which generates an induction heating effect in the steel failure through current.

The Billet induction heating furnace has the characteristics of fast, uniform, and efficient heating. Due to the induction heating method, the steel billet can quickly reach the required temperature and be heated evenly, avoiding traditional heating methods

The temperature gradient problem in. At the same time, the energy utilization rate of electric furnaces is high, saving energy.


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