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Steel billet heating induction furnace has become the “Hot product” in the steel industry.

Steel billet heating induction furnace has become the “Hot product” in the steel industry.

With the vigorous implementation of China’s environmental protection policy in 2017, the traditional heating equipment used by iron and steel enterprises, such as coal-fired stoves, blast furnaces, gas stoves and so on, have been impacted to a certain extent, which forced the iron and steel enterprises to stop or limit production. In order to get rid of the predicament of the steel industry under the situation of environmental protection, a kind of intelligent and automatic billet heating induction furnace is urgently needed to replace the traditional slab heating equipment.

Forever is a large-scale producer of induction heating furnace for billet in China. The billet heating induction furnace is an environmental-friendly metal heating equipment used for heating before rolling in iron and steel enterprises. It meets the requirements of national energy-saving and environmental protection. The billet heating induction furnace can be customized for customers according to the actual needs of customers.

The Forever billet heating induction furnace can be divided into:

1. Heating furnace before cold billet rolling: that is, heating equipment before cold billet rolling or forging, heating the workpiece from room temperature to the required temperature for rolling or forging.

2. Continuous casting and rolling process: that is, the distance from CCM and the rolling mill is long, then the billet surface temperature will reduce during the transportation process, which can not meet the requirements of rolling. Then the user need to use our billet heating induction furnace to increase the billet temperature. As the electric induction heating furnace only need to heat the 1/3 of the billet, so the power consumption per ton is very less. The process is also known as: rebar direct continuous casting and rolling heating

Compared with the traditional billet heating furnace, the billet heating induction furnace in Forever plant has the following advantages:

1. Efficient and energy-saving: the heating speed is fast, because the billet heating induction furnace uses electromagnetic induction heating method, so when heating is non-contact heating by induction coil, heating is uniform and will not appear overheating and so on, effectively saving energy consumption;

2. Safety and non-pollution: The billet heating induction furnace adopts renewable energy in the process of heating the workpiece, and there is no open fire in the whole process, which effectively avoids the occurrence of fire and other safety accidents, and there is no discharge of dust, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and other harmful substances in the heating process.


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