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When rolling steel bars for billets, steel mills can greatly improve production efficiency by selecting a suitable steel billet heating furnace, which has been the consensus of many enterprises engaged in billet hot rolling. However, it is easy for many large production enterprises to go to extremes in actual purchase, and it is better to think that the more expensive ones are better.



However, after being put into use, it was found that they were overqualified and underutilized. It was OK to use a split production line, low-speed feeding equipment or domestic induction heating equipment according to the production requirements of customers. On the contrary, some expensive equipment was not suitable for the production needs, for example, the circuit, electrical appliances and programming of most imported foreign original feeder equipment were not changed, The situation that is not suitable for domestic production often occurs, which brings a lot of trouble to the subsequent processing and production of customers.

Hebei FOREVER Electromechanical Co., Ltd., as a professional manufacturer of induction heating equipment, hereby reminds the majority of users that when purchasing billet heating furnaces, it is better not to blindly use price as the purchasing benchmark, but to understand their own needs, and then select the more appropriate ones in targeted selection.


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Post time: 10-14-2022