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steel bar induction heating furnace

FOREVER electromechanical steel bar induction heating furnace adopts an electromechanical integration design, which improves its service life and reliability by three times. With dual insulation treatment and thin furnace lining design, it reduces spatial magnetic leakage, and has very high power conversion efficiency, achieving the goal of energy conservation and consumption reduction.


Working principle of steel bar heating furnace :

Push type steel rod induction heating furnace has only a pair of water cooled guide rails in the inductor, and the blank is placed on the guide rails. Hydraulic, pneumatic, or mechanical methods are used to push the blank one by one from one end of the inductor, reach the required heating temperature through the inductor, and then push it out from the other end of the inductor. The walking beam induction heating furnace has two pairs of water cooled guide rails in the inductor, one of which is fixed and used to withstand the quality of the blank during heating; The length of the other pair of movable guide rails used to lift the blank and forward it to a material level. The working principle of the stepper mechanism is that during normal heating, the blank is placed on a fixed guide rail. When feeding is required, the movable guide rail rises upward to lift the blank away from the fixed guide rail, and then moves forward by a length of the blank, and then falls down. The blank is placed on the fixed guide rail, and then moves backward and horizontally to return to the normal heating state. That is, after the movable guide rail completes a square movement, a feeding task is completed, At the same time, another blank is loaded for the next feeding.


Distinctive features of FOREVER electromechanical steel rod heating induction heating furnace:

1. Full power output;

2. The power and time of heating can be adjusted, which is conducive to improving the quality and repeatability of heating, and can simplify worker operations;

3. Simple installation, three-phase 380V power supply on the street, water inlet and outlet can be completed in a few minutes.

Controllable power: During heating, the power can be adjusted to meet different heating temperatures and speeds

5. Good effect: Very uniform heating, fast temperature rise, less oxide layer, and no waste after annealing



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